Wi-Fi-based Localization

Ni, Jiazhi, Fusang Zhang, Jie Xiong, Qiang Huang, Zhaoxin Chang, Junqi Ma, BinBin Xie et al. “Experience: Pushing indoor localization from laboratory to the wild.” In Proceedings of the 28th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing And Networking, pp. 147-157. 2022.


  • A recent report on Wi-Fi-based localization in the wild.
  • Explain why RSSI-based fingerprinting is the “only” solution available at a large scale.
  • Use an NLP model and a deep&wide to match the SSID to PoI’s name to estimate the Wi-Fi AP’s location.
  • Use only Wi-Fi and GPS for indoor/outdoor differentiation.
  • Small-scale manually-collected ground truth from several buildings is used to verify the performance.