I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota and my advisor is Tian He. I am also working with Professor Desheng Zhang and Jie Gao on research.

My research interests are at the intersection of Cyber-Physical Systems (also known as Internet of Things) and Data Mining with applications in Smart Cities and Gig Delivery.
You can contact me at dingx447 AT umn DOT edu.

Recent News

  • Aug. 2022: Co-authored paper accepted by ACM SIGSPATIAL 2022.
  • Aug. 2022: Present Para-Pred at KDD. Glad to see some new friends and old friends.
  • Jul. 2022: I gave a talk at Kargo.
  • Jul. 2022: 1st-authored paper accepted by IEEE/ACM ToN.
  • Jun. 2022: I gave a talk to the Location-based Service (LBS) team in ByteDance.
  • May. 2022: Co-authored paper accepted by ACM SIGKDD’22.
  • Apr. 2022: Selected to participate in the CPS Rising Stars Workshop 2022.
  • Apr. 2022: Co-authored paper accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’22).
  • Feb. 2022: 2nd-authored paper accepted by ACM MobiCom’22.
  • Jan. 2022: 1st-authored paper P2-Loc accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’22).
  • Nov. 2021: Co-authored paper won the outstanding paper award at IEEE RTSS’21.
  • Oct. 2021: VALID mentioned in MIT Technology Review.
  • Oct. 2021: 1st-author paper SmartLoc accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’22).
  • Aug. 2021: Co-authored paper accepted by IEEE RTSS’21.
  • Jul. 2021: 2nd-author paper ALWAES accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’21).
  • Jul. 2021: 1st-author paper accepted by IEEE/ACM ToN.
  • Jul. 2021: Data-set released of on-demand delivery order distribution in Shenzhen.
  • Jul. 2021: 1st-author paper RL-Dispatch accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’21).
  • Apr. 2021: 1st-author paper VALID accepted by SIGCOMM’ 21.
  • Apr. 2021: aBeacon paper presented at NSDI’ 21.
  • Sep. 2020: Data-set released of Bluetooth beacons, couriers’ reports, and trajectories.
  • Aug. 2020: aBeacon system introduced in Alibaba Tech. officials accounts.
  • Aug. 2020: 2nd-author paper Trans-Loc accepted by MobiCom’ 20.
  • Jun. 2020: 1st-author paper aBeacon accepted by NSDI’ 21.