I am currently a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) and Media Lab. I received my Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota in 2022.

My research interests lie at the intersection of cyber-physical systems (CPS), mobile computing, and spatiotemporal data mining. I am interested in studying human behavior through smartphone sensing and machine learning in CPS and cyber-human systems (CHS) like location-based services, urban delivery, and smart cities.

Recent News

  • Mar. 2023: Serve as a reviewer for ACM SIGKDD 2023.
  • Oct. 2022: Start postdoctoral associate appointment at MIT.
  • Aug. 2022: Co-authored paper accepted by ACM SIGSPATIAL 2022.
  • Aug. 2022: Present Para-Pred at KDD. Glad to see some new friends and old friends.
  • Jul. 2022: I gave a talk at Kargo.
  • Jul. 2022: 1st-authored paper accepted by IEEE/ACM ToN.
  • Jun. 2022: I gave a talk to the Location-based Service (LBS) team in ByteDance.
  • May. 2022: Co-authored paper accepted by ACM SIGKDD’22.
  • Apr. 2022: Selected to participate in the CPS Rising Stars Workshop 2022.
  • Apr. 2022: Co-authored paper accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’22).
  • Feb. 2022: 2nd-authored paper accepted by ACM MobiCom’22.
  • Jan. 2022: 1st-authored paper P2-Loc accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’22).
  • Nov. 2021: Co-authored paper won the outstanding paper award at IEEE RTSS’21.
  • Oct. 2021: VALID mentioned in MIT Technology Review.
  • Oct. 2021: 1st-author paper SmartLoc accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’22).
  • Aug. 2021: Co-authored paper accepted by IEEE RTSS’21.
  • Jul. 2021: 2nd-author paper ALWAES accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’21).
  • Jul. 2021: 1st-author paper accepted by IEEE/ACM ToN.
  • Jul. 2021: Data-set released of on-demand delivery order distribution in Shenzhen.
  • Jul. 2021: 1st-author paper RL-Dispatch accepted by ACM IMWUT (UbiComp’21).
  • Apr. 2021: 1st-author paper VALID accepted by SIGCOMM’ 21.
  • Apr. 2021: aBeacon paper presented at NSDI’ 21.
  • Sep. 2020: Data-set released of Bluetooth beacons, couriers’ reports, and trajectories.
  • Aug. 2020: aBeacon system introduced in Alibaba Tech. officials accounts.
  • Aug. 2020: 2nd-author paper Trans-Loc accepted by MobiCom’ 20.
  • Jun. 2020: 1st-author paper aBeacon accepted by NSDI’ 21.