Here I summarize some transportation system data I used or may use in future.

Urban Computing Data

Urban Computing Data from Microsoft

Taxi Data

NYC Trip Record Data , the data dictionary can be found here

Major Fields: [tpep_pickup_datetime, tpep_dropoff_datetime, Passenger_count, Trip_distance, payment_type, fare_amount, total_amount]

Comments: No latitude/longitude information.

Rider Share Data

RideAustin, ride share data from RideAustin.

Major Fields: [ride_id, started_on, created_date, update_date, completed_on, distance_travelled, end_location_lat, end_location_long, active_driver_id, started_location_long, started_location_lat, rider_id, driver_reached_on]

Comments: A relative complete data of ride trips.

Trajectory Data

JackRabbot Dataset and Benchmark (JRDB), video-based trajectory data.

Mobility Data with Demographic

Illinois Travel Tracker Survey, 2007 - 2008: Public Data