03/23/22, fontsize, image size and alignment

After adding the literature survey back to the site, I found that in the “Indoor-Localization-Related-Works” file, the font of the second level list (li) is too small. Actually, the second-level font is 0.8em of the first-level. So, in order to change the fontsize, I change the setting in “/sass/minimal-mistakes/_page.scss” from 0.8 em to 0,9 em. It looks good. The inspector in Chrome helps a lot.

I found that the fontsize is controlled by the “assets/main.css”, but I cannot find it locally. Then I learned that this file is generated by a bunch of files in “_sass/” folder. I also change some of the other settings in this process, hope there will not be a big issue for future.

about image size and alignment, the following style seems to work:

	<img src="/Literature-Reviews/Localization/figures/RSSI-Distance-Relation.png" 
       alt="RSSI Features" 
       style="width: 20em;" 

03/24/22 two images side by side

seems this works.

neural_net2 cnn

03/25/22 three images side by side

Digital-filter-Original-signal Digital-filter-11-point-moving-average Digital-filter-51-point-moving-average