This is a course note of UCSD’s Coursera: Internet of Things: How did we get here?


Two demos are shown: Sonification of Movement and Healthcare Remote Monitoring, which demonstrates the simple mechanism as well as the huge potential of IoT technology.

An interesting part is that Snapdragon is advocated in the lecture and Qualcomm gets involved.

Module 1 (Circuit Switch)

Lesson 1 - Telephony Networks

Star shape network. Invention of Triode.

Lesson 2 - Broadcast Networks

The story between Lee de Forest, Edwin Howard Armstrong and David Sarnoff is quite attractive.

Lesson 3 - AT&T Innovations

Some innovations from AT&T (Bell Labs): Information Theory, Transistor, C and UNIX.

Lesson 4 - Rise and Fall of AT&T

Lawsuit from the Department of Justice and Monopoly of AT&T.

Bell Labs

Module 2 (Packet Switch)

Lesson 1 The Internet Initiative

ARPA net and IETF

Lesson 2 Reliable Services

Email and browser.

Lesson 3 Realtime Services

VoIP and Multicast.

Module 3 (Computer Telephony)

Lesson 1 Telephony goes digital

Data plane and control plane

Companding is a very useful tool in data plane to reduce the dynamic of signal while transmiting.

Lesson 2 Shifting Landscapes

Lesson 3 So, what’s the Big Deal!

Lesson 4 A Word of Caution!

Dial tone. 911 Fiasco.

Module 4 (Wireless Technologies)

Lesson 1 Teleophony goes Wireless

The failure story of AT&T and McKinsey

Lesson 2 Mobility and the Control Plane

The SS7 can be use in cellphone network to achieve mobility.

Why cellphone market goes beyond expectation: one reason is prepaid phone which credits to a well designed billing system.

Lesson 3 Air Interface (1G, 2G, 3G and 4G)

How to maintain so many communications:

  • Get more spectrum

  • Improve Spectural Efficiency (TDMA, CDMA)

  • Reduce data rate for each voice call (LPC)

3G and 4G

Lesson 4 Radios, Radios, and Radios

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZIgBee, RFID

Lesson 5 Network Revisited

  • Telephony 1-to-1
  • Broadcast 1-to-N
  • Sensor Network N-to-1
  • A platform for IoT

Module 5 (Features and Apps)

Lesson 1 Features and Apps

911, GPS, Cameras, Accelerators

Module 6

Lesson 1 Specification Overview

A very interesting definition of IoT, shows how plain things get magical when connected.

Bell Labs

Lesson 2 Future Applications

  • mHealth

  • Smart Homes

  • Automotive

A very interesting study from Fitbit that how much sleep are disturbed due to to the Berkeley earthquake.