Context/Scene/Ambience Sensing/Monitoring and Context Sharing are related topics.

We may need to broaden the scope (Walkway) and consider some industrial progress.

Localization is a special type of context and related works on localization can be found here.


  • Context sensing
  • Context-aware computing
  • Context modeling
  • Context-sensitive


  • Context:
    • Acoustic: MobiSys13-Auditeur, WWW14
    • Activity/Behavior: MobiCom14-ParkSense, SenSys14-Barometer, CHI19, Katabi19-Passive
    • Attitude: MobiCom14-A3
    • Floor/Altitude: HotMobile14,
    • Indoor/Outdoor: SenSys12-IODetector, SenSys14-CoTrain
    • Light
    • Map: KDD12, TOSN15,IPSN18
    • Semantic context: SenSys12-CrowdMon
    • Door open/close: UbiComp15
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Barometer, Cell RSS, Compass, GPS, Gyroscope, Light, Magnetic, Microphone, Proximity, Wi-Fi, Specialized device
  • Solution: machine learning, deep learning


Special Topics

  • CrowdMon, SenSys12
    • Taxonomy: Semantic context
  • IODetector, SenSys12
    • Taxonomy: Indoor/Outdoor, Accelerometer, Cell RSS, Light, Magnetic
    • Light, cell RSS and magnetic field have different distributions indoor and outdoor.
  • Auditeur, MobiSys13
    • Taxonomy: Acoustic, Microphone
    • User upload sound fragment with tag, cloud training, online learning on phone.
    • Recognize who/where
  • Barometric Phone Sensors, HotMobile14
    • Taxonomy: Floor/Altitude, Barometer
    • Floor/Altitude sensing is difficult since pressure is affected by many factors such as temperature and time.
  • Barometric and GPS altitude sensor fusion, ICASSP14
    • Taxonomy: Floor/Altitude, Barometer
  • \(A^3\): Instantly Knowing Your Phone Attitude, MobiCom14
    • Taxonomy: Attitude, Compass, Gyroscope
  • ParkSense: Sensing System For On-Street Parking, MobiCom14
    • Taxonomy: Activity/Behavior, Wi-Fi
    • Detect the unpark activity by sensing whether driver has return and drive away.
  • Barometer for Low-Power Transportation Context Detection, SenSys14
    • Taxonomy: Activity/Behavior, Barometer
    • Use barometer to detect three types of motion: IDLE, WALKING, and VEHICLE
  • CoTrain: A Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for Robust Indoor-Outdoor Detection, SenSys14
    • Taxonomy: Indoor/Outdoor, Accelerometer, Cell RSS, Light, Magnetic
  • Local business ambience, WWW14
    • Taxonomy: Acoustic, Microphone
    • Build a updated version of Koubei to provide more context info such as occupancy/music/noise
  • SmartRoad: Crowd Sensing for Traffic Regulator Detection and Identification, TOSN15
    • Taxonomy: Map, GPS
    • Can detect and identify traffic regulators, traffic lights, and stop signs.
  • Monitoring Building Door Events using Barometer, UbiComp15
    • Taxonomy: Barometer, Door open/close
  • VitalAlley: Walkway Discovery from Large Scale Crowdsensing, IPSN18
    • Taxonomy: Map, GPS
    • Build the map of the human walkway from user GPS data
  • Enabling Identification and Behavioral Sensing in Homes, CHI19
    • Taxonomy: Activity (Monitoring), Specialized device
    • 3D identification and behavior sensing
  • Passive Monitoring at Home, Katabi19
    • Taxonomy: Activity (Monitoring), Specialized device
    • It’s not a simple activity recognition but a continuous monitoring with high definition and accuracy


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Industry Progress

  • Skyhook: Cooperative partner of Apple in localization. Massive dataset on GPS/Wi-FI/Cell-Tower/BLE. Provide user localization and trace analysis together with commercial value.
  • Emerald: Achieve device-free monitoring (3D movement / Sleep / other physiological signal) through specialized device (with strong sensing and variety signal transmitting capacity)
  • Advantech: Evolution of traditional industrial sensing through Wzzard (wireless sensor + self forming + configuration on cloud security gateway).
  • Other traditional sensing applications (BeanAir/VersaSense): structural health, ground vibration, environment.