Related Works of Presence Detection

Here we have a brief summary of works related to presense detection.

In [1], the authors present IODetector, a lightweight sensing service which runs on the mobile phone and detects the indoor/outdoor environment in a fast, accurate, and efficient manner. An important feature of IODetector is that IODetector assumes no prior knowledge (e.g., fingerprints) of the environment and uses only on-board sensors common to mainstream mobile phones. (We also have this feature in our arrival/departure detection application.) However, this service can only detect whether the cellphone is indoor or outdoor but cannot give more specific information regarding to the position of the device. (The rider is in which shop?)

[2] provides PANDAA, a system that uses ambient sounds to decide the arrangment of the multiple networked devices. However, the system depends on the accurately placement of the devices and can only sense the layout of the environment but cannot match the device to a specific POI. (Such as a rider-shop pair.)


[1] Zhou, P., Zheng, Y., Li, Z., Li, M., & Shen, G. (2012, November). Iodetector: A generic service for indoor outdoor detection. In Proceedings of the 10th acm conference on embedded network sensor systems SenSys (pp. 113-126). ACM.

[2] Sun, Z., Purohit, A., Chen, K., Pan, S., Pering, T., & Zhang, P. (2011, September). PANDAA: Physical arrangement detection of networked devices through ambient-sound awareness. In Proceedings of the 13th international conference on Ubiquitous computing UbiComp (pp. 425-434). ACM.