In this survey, we only focus on indoor/outdoor detection.

Key Words

  • IODetector, Indoor / Outdoor


  • Sensors: Light, Cellular, Magnetic, Acceleration, Proximity, Sound, Wi-Fi
  • Solution: Threshold, ML, Active Probe, GPS-aided


Individual Paper

  • IODetector, SenSys12
    • Taxonomy: Accelerometer, Cell RSS, Light, Magnetic
    • Light, cell RSS and magnetic field have different distributions indoor and outdoor.
  • CoTrain: A Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for Robust Indoor-Outdoor Detection, SenSys14
    • Taxonomy: Accelerometer, Cell RSS, Light, Magnetic
    • Semi-Supervised Learning let the IODetector adapts to new environment quickly.
  • Sound based indoor and outdoor environment detection, ICT15
    • Taxonomy: Sound, Active Probe
    • Works like radar, generate signal and got feedback from environment of different reverberation.
  • Bluedetect, Sensors16
    • Taxonomy: iBeacon, GPS-aided
    • iBeacon hardware placed at landmark as boundary, GPS signal works as trigger in semi-outdoor.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Detection Using a Smart Phone Sensor, Sensors16
    • Taxonomy: Cellular RSSI, ML
  • Detecting Indoor / Outdoor Places Using WiFi, IEEE-Sensors16
    • Taxonomy: Wi-Fi, ML
  • SenseIO, IEEE-Sensors18
    • Taxonomy: Accelerators, Wi-Fi, Light, Cellular,proximity, Threshold


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