• Energy saving solution:
    • Sensor (GPS) management
    • Data processing (Compressing, Simplification)
    • OS optimization
    • Data-aided algorithm
    • Computation Cloud Offloading
  • Applications: Wildlife monitoring, GPS localization, Context sensing, Social sensing


  • A common method is to use other (e.g. cheap) sensors to detect the user states and only turn on other sensors when necessary.

Special Topics

  • EEMSS: A Framework of Energy Efficient Mobile Sensing, MobiSys09
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management
    • Solution: Detect user states and only turn on all sensor after transition.
  • SenseLess: Less is More, MobiHeld09
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management
    • Solution: Use the less expensive sensors more often, and use the more expensive sensors less frequently.
  • a-Loc: Energy-Accuracy Trade-off for Continuous Mobile Device Location, MobiSys10
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management
    • Solution: Adaptes sensor energy (accuracy) to application (accuracy) needs and sensor characteristics.
  • RAPS: Energy-Efficient Rate-Adaptive GPS-based Positioning, MobiSys10
    • Taxonomy: GPS management
    • Solution: Detect user states and only turn on GPS when necessary.
    • Application: GPS localization
  • Improving Energy Efficiency of Location Sensing, MobiSys10
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management (Substitution/Suppression), OS optimization (synchronizes location sensing requests from multiple running applications)
    • Application: Localization
  • Adaptive GPS Duty Cycling and Radio Ranging, SenSys10
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management (Duty cycling)
    • Application: Wildlife monitoring, GPS localization
  • SenSLoc: Sensing Everyday Places and Paths using Less Energy, SenSys10
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management (based on mobility)
    • Application: Context sensing
  • Jigsaw: Continuous Sensing Engine, SenSys10
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management (pipline based on mobility and behavior)
  • SociableSense: Exploring the Trade-offs, MobiCom11
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management (adaptive sampling & computation distribution)
    • Application: Social sensing
  • CAPS: Energy-Efficient Positioning using Cell-ID Sequence Matching, MobiSys11
    • Taxonomy: Data-aided algorithm
    • Application: Localization
  • EnTracked: Energy-efficient Trajectory Tracking for Mobile Devices, MobiSys11
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management
  • E-gesture: Energy-efficient Ges- ture Recognition, SenSys11
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management
  • SmartDC: Mobility Prediction-based Smartphone Energy Optimization, SenSys11
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management + Data-aided algorithm
    • Solution: Adaptive duty cycling based on mobility predition
    • Application: Localization (Tracking)
  • ACE: Exploiting Correlation, MobiSys12
    • Taxonomy: Sensor management + Data-aided algorithm
    • Solution: Sensing plan based on rules correlation
  • CLEO: Energy Efficient GPS Sensing with Cloud Offloading, SenSys12
    • Taxonomy: Computation Cloud Offloading
    • Solution: Offload some GPS basic computation to cloud
  • PCS: Piggyback CrowdSensing, SenSys13
    • Taxonomy: Sensor Management
    • Solution: Predict user’s APP usage and piggyback the APP operation
  • Energy Efficient GPS Acquisition with Sparse-GPS, IPSN14
    • Taxonomy: Data processing (Compressing)
    • Application: Wildlife monitoring, GPS localization


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