• Data: Parking, Trajectory, Taxi, Bike, Event (Collision, Crime, Taxi), Contextual (Map), Traffic (speed), Water quality
  • Model: LSTM, Greedy, Deep (Convolutional) NN, Point process, Meta-learning, Transfer learning
  • Application: Parking space, Trajectory compression, (Mobility) Event prediction, Taxi demand prediction, Traffic prediction, Water quality prediction


  • Two typical frameworks in incorporating spatial and temporal relations:
    • Invidual processing through LSTM (temporal) and CNN (spatial) [AAAI18, WWW19].
    • Combined processing as video processing [KDD18-StepDeep].

Individual Paper

  • Deep multi-view, AAAI18, DiDi
    • Taxonomy: LSTM + CNN, Taxi demand prediction
    • The key innovation is to consider spatial and temporal at the same time.
  • Du-parking, KDD18, Baidu
    • Taxonomy: Parking data, LSTM, Parking space
  • REST, Reference-based Framework for Spatio-temporal Trajectory Compression, KDD18
    • Taxonomy: Trajectory data, Greedy, Trajectory compression
  • Stepdeep, KDD18
    • Taxonomy: Taxi data, Deep (Convolutional) NN, Mobility event prediction
    • The key innovation is to encode spatial-temporal correlation into 2 dimensions and make it into a video processing problem. Methods for image processing are used.
  • DMPP, KDD19
    • Taxonomy: Event data, Contextual data, Point process, CNN, Event prediction
    • The key innovation is to incorporate contextual informationb (weather/map) into the simple point process to improve prediction performance.
  • Urban Traffic Prediction, KDD19-ST-MetaNet
    • Taxonomy: Traffic (speed) data, Meta-learning, Traffic prediction
  • Learning from Multiple Cities, WWW19, Tencent
    • Taxonomy: Taxi data, Bike data, Transfer learning + Meta learning + ST-net, Traffic prediction, Water quality prediction


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