Keywords: opportunistic localization / probabilistic localization


  • The phrase “Probabilistic localization” seems to be more likely used in robotics using some probablity methods, while “Opportunistic localization” is more like a scenario where anchor information is not always available.


  • Where “opportunistic” comes: opportunistic available data, opportunistic communication between nodes
  • Solution:
  • Scenarios: Mobile device localization, Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSN), Floorplan construction.

Individual Papers

  • OLS: Opportunistic Localization System for Smart Phones Devices, MobiHeld-09
    • Where “opportunistic” comes: opportunistic available data
    • Scenarios: Mobile device localization
    • Solution: fusion of location related information, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, GSM, BLE, accelerometers.
    • No detailed explanantion on “opportunistic”.
  • Experimental Localization Application in Opportunistic Scenario, MobiOpp-10
    • Where “opportunistic” comes: opportunistic communication between nodes
  • Opportunistic Localization in Sparse Underwater Sensor Networks, IEEE TMC-15
    • Scenarios: UWSN
    • Solution: Topology control
  • CrowdX: Construction of Indoor Floorplan with Opportunistic Encounters, IMWUT-18
    • Scenarios: Floorplan construction
    • Solution: Utilize mobile user’s opportunistic encounter information.


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[MobiOpp-10] Zorzi, F., Bardella, A., Pérennou, T., Kang, G., & Zanella, A. (2010, February). Experimental localization application in opportunistic scenario. In ACM MobiOpp (pp. 194-196). ACM.

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