Keywords: Location Mining/Prediction


  • Stay Point Detection is defined in [IEEE TIST-15] and some basic methods are introduced.
  • In location prediction, usually we need first find out the frequently visited places in mobility history.


  • Frequent place mining methods: Sequential pattern mining
  • Location prediction methods:

Individual Papers

  • WhereNext, KDD-09
    • Frequent place mining: Trajectory Pattern (Sequential pattern mining)


[KDD-09] Monreale, A., Pinelli, F., Trasarti, R., & Giannotti, F. (2009, June). Wherenext: a location predictor on trajectory pattern mining. In ACM SIGKDD (pp. 637-646). ACM.

[IEEE TIST-15] Zheng, Y. (2015). Trajectory data mining: an overview. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST), 6(3), 29.