• Application: File sharing, Video streaming, Search engine, Recommendation, Improve localization


Individual Papers

  • BubbleStorm, SIGCOMM-07
    • Search engine
  • GeoKad, PerCom-10
    • File sharing
    • Also consider physical location information , but not for the localization of the user.
  • Hybrid Peer-to-peer Localization, UPINLBS-10
    • Improve localization (based on GPS)
  • P2Prec, CIKM-11
    • Recommendation
  • Proximity Enhanced Mobile D2D Video Streaming, MobiCom-12
    • Video streaming
  • Social-Loc, SenSys-13


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[CIKM-11] Draidi, F., Pacitti, E., Parigot, D., & Verger, G. (2011). P2Prec: a social-based P2P recommendation system. ACM CIKM

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